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Reputation Protection System

Why you need a Reputation Protection System

Knowing what people are saying about you is key to reputation management!  A Reputation protection system comes into play for those times when people weren’t exactly happy and they want the whole world to know about it.  How long would it take you to find all of the places where someone tried to smear you?  How would you fix the problem?  Could it be possible to turn that bad review into more sales for your business?

Finding bad reviews

Finding bad reviews or comments about you or your business can be time consuming.  Thankfully there is a reputation protection system, RepWarn, that will help you to do just that!  RepWarn helps by finding bad reviews and alerting you immediately so that you can take action!

Fixing bad reviews with the Reputation Protection System

The nice thing about most popular review platforms like google for example, is that they provide owners the opportunity to be able to reply to a review, thereby fixing bad reviews.  Evidence shows that replying to a bad review and explaining what happened or offering to fix it actually builds confidence in the readers.  It helps the potential customer see how you respond to problems and inspires confidence.

Turn bad Reviews into Business

The good thing about responding to bad reviews is that it inspires confidence.  The result is that your potential clients are not turned away like the bad reviewer hoped they would be.  Responding to bad reviews also lets customers know that you believe in customer engagement.  This could result in more business!  The key is to communicate.  As soon as you learn of the bad review on RepWarn, take action!

So in conclusion, by using RepWarn you can monitor your reputation and take immediate action when you learn of something negative about you or your business on the internet. 

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Keep the five star reviews rolling in. When they don’t, act fast to protect your reputation!